Competitor Geofencing Advertising

WebJol Technologies is a leading geofencing advertising agency that focuses on growing your business. Our competitor geofencing advertising services target your industry events, competitors’ locations, and more with pinpoint accuracy. By targeting the people who visit the locations and places that matter most to your target audience, we help you reach your goals for growth, revenue, and more.

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What do our geofencing advertising services include?
Customized Strategy

We provide your company with a strategy tailored to your business, industry, target market, and goals.

Dedicated Account Manager

We recognize that to earn the best results from geofencing marketing that it’s essential to have a partner.

Conversion Tracking

As a performance-driven digital marketing agency, we understand that geofencing advertising needs to deliver real, measurable results.

Demographic and Behavioral Targeting

We maximize your geofencing marketing strategy by developing sub-audiences in your target audience.

In-Depth Competitor Research

Our award-winning team conducts comprehensive research into your local competitors — we take similar steps when evaluating your competition at conferences and events.

And More!

When you partner with our geofencing advertising company, you choose a partner that goes the extra mile for your business.

What is a Geofence?

The difference is that you’re creating geofences around specific locations that you want to target, using GPS or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. These virtual fences can range anywhere from 1 meter to 30,000 meters, based on how far out you want to target your audience.

For the best results, we create geofences that are at least 93 square meters or 1000 square feet.

How Does Geofencing work?

Instead, when users leave a geofence, they get added to an audience so your business can serve ads to these users through mobile apps, as well as mobile webpages. This feature builds on PPC ads, which allow you to target by demographic and general geographic location.

The benefit of geofences, however, is that the targeting is much more granular.

With geofencing, you can filter your target audience by their location, serving them ads based on an event they’re attending, a competitor they’re visiting, or even a street they’re walking down. It is the ultimate targeting solution.

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